Hi and welcome! I’m Erika, and I do the cooking/baking, writing, and even the photography for Simply Low Cal. I am a huge foodie at heart, with an appetite for almost anything. I love all foods, especially desserts, yum! My goal is to cook things that are simple, practical, and delicious. I’d be delighted to have you follow along to see all the recipes I share. Recipes range from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, to desserts, and more. I even include snacks, and recipes you can make in your slow cooker and Instant Pot.


I have a passion for making food healthy. Allow me to show you that you can be a food lover and also eat healthy! I display the nutrition facts on every recipe you see here so you can stay informed. While we are all entitled to that occasional splurge, (hello birthdays, holidays, and bad days!) I believe that we can eat healthy and still have it feel like we are splurging. I’d love to hear your comments on my posts. You can also read more about me here.


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