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Kitchen Essential Must-Haves

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Kitchen essential must-haves for your kitchen.

spatulas and pastry brush

We all love having fun kitchen gadgets to use. So, while many of these might not be must HAVES, many are must WANTS. 😉 I fight the constant battle between wanting a minimalistic kitchen to wanting every single gadget known to man. Who else is with me?

I mean one time I was super tempted to buy this Butter Dispenser. A device that perfectly measures how much butter I need, plus holds and stores my butter? Then I figured that using a knife would probably be easier than trying to shove a stick of butter into a butter exoskeleton. Though I suppose it’s not nearly as silly as this Twirling Spaghetti Fork that automatically winds up the pasta on the end of the fork.

If you ooh and ahh over the many kitchen gadgets available, but aren’t sure which ones are actually useful, here are a few I use all the time. These are some of my top favorites.

Air Fryer – I love my air fryer. A lot. If you can deep fry it, you can air fry for the most part. I’ve made French fries and tortilla chips in my air fryer, and it saves a LOT of calories!

Slow Cooker – I know slow cookers have been around for a long time. I’ve actually gone through a few because I’ve accidentally cracked mine before when washing them. I always replace them though. Some mornings I love that I can throw my dinner in the slow cooker and have it ready at dinner time. It doesn’t get too much better than a device that does all the cooking. One of my favorite things to make in the crockpot is beans for bean burritos.

Instant Pot – These have been all the rage for several years now, and with good reason. They are awesome. The Instant Pot is capable of producing a meal, that typically takes hours of cooking and simmering, in a matter of minutes. Mostly. It does take some time to heat up so isn’t immediately instant, but it is dang fast compared to the alternative. Soup is one of my favorites to make in the Instant Pot.

Ninja – I’ve had my Ninja blender for a while and I LOVE it. I use it for everything from shakes, smoothies, to making salsa. A traditional blender has blades at the bottom only and isn’t always able to mix food without having to stop and stir periodically, but the Ninja’s stacked blades handle it like a champ.

Kitchen Aid – I don’t bake nearly as much as I cook, but when I do bake I love the “hands-free” option the Kitchen Aid gives. It mixes well, holds a lot of batter/dough, plus it has several attachments that can do more than just mix. If I’m doing basic mixing, I will still use a hand mixer, but for bigger projects, the Kitchen Aid is awesome.

Spiralizer – I use my spiralizer all the time to make zucchini noodles, AKA zoodles! It’s so easy and I do it often.

Food Scale – This might not be an item people use every day, but I use mine quite often. Especially when measuring food for my recipes. It also comes in handy when I need specific measurements for my Nutrition Facts labels. They are quite useful to measure exactly how much food is being used and eaten.

Meat Thermometer – This gadget is a must for me, and it’s very useful if you cook meat. Before I realized how much I needed a meat thermometer, I would eyeball the meat to see if it looked done. The meat thermometer takes all the guess work out so you know the meat is properly cooked. A total must in my opinion.

Vegetable Chopper – So, I actually don’t mind chopping my own vegetables by hand with a good ol’ knife and cutting board. Sometimes I make recipes though that require a LOT of chopped vegetables and this genius gadget saves my wrist. A great investment if you chop a lot of vegetables.

Salad Spinner – I know this might sound like one for those “needed” gadgets like the twirling spaghetti fork. But I actually use and love the salad spinner. If you chop up a head of lettuce or romaine from scratch for salads, then you know how wet the leaves are after washing. You can lay them out on a paper towel and blot the lettuce over and over, but they are still kind of wet. Pop your chopped lettuce into the salad spinner bowl. Wash it (it acts as a colander). Then a few swirls around the bowl and voila, washed salad in minutes. It works for more than just lettuce too!

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – If you love to make homemade ice-cream you will one this machine. It’s a beast and will last you a long time. I love it a bunch!

Here are a few other kitchen essential must-haves that you may love if you’re looking to replace your current ones with shiny new ones.

Baking Sheets & Cooling Racks

Mixing Bowls

Pots and Pans

Heat Resistant Spatulas

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What are your kitchen essential must-haves?


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